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In a world where the demands on leaders are higher than ever, we provide the tools to help you thrive.

In today's fast-paced, interconnected world, traditional leadership approaches no longer suffice.

Modern leaders must evolve to meet unprecedented demands and expectations

Gone are the days when traditional leadership sufficed. What used to work no longer does.

Today’s leaders must show up differently, embodying empathy, active listening, and adaptability.

The demands on leaders are higher than ever before. It’s not just about making decisions and driving results; it’s about inspiring and motivating others, fostering a positive and inclusive culture, and navigating through constant change with resilience and grace.

To be leaders of leaders that people want to follow, executives must connect with their teams on a deeper, more inclusive level.

We believe every leader’s journey is unique. Our customized coaching programs to meet leaders where they are to address your specific needs, helping them grow to meet the demands expected of them.

We believe the key to transformation is helping the client
want it, desire it, and visualize it so they can achieve it.

We recognizes that the key to transformation is helping the client want it, desire it, and visualize it so they can achieve it. Our proprietary methodology starts from the inside and moves outward.

We use proven leadership methodologies to focus on the leader’s beliefs, values, mindset, experiences, and skills.

We help leaders develop a mental shift in utilizing and managing what is within their control to achieve the best-desired results.

Executive Coaching

AG BOLD 180 Executive Coaching Intensive offers a personalized development approach that significantly enhances leadership capabilities and organizational performance. By focusing on individual growth and strategic alignment, coaching cultivates leaders who not only inspire others but also consistently show up brilliant daily, regardless of the situation. BOLD 180 executive coaching empowers leaders of leaders to drive their organizations forward in a dynamic and competitive environment, ensuring sustained success and excellence.

Duration: 6 months – 18 months

New Executive Integration Coaching

AG BOLD 180 Transition and New Executive Integration Coaching is a tailored support process designed to help newly appointed executives effectively transition into their roles. This coaching focuses on accelerating the executive’s adaptation to their new position, fostering strong relationships with key stakeholders, aligning with the organization’s culture and strategic goals, and developing the necessary skills and strategies for success. The process typically includes assessment, goal-setting, personalized coaching sessions, feedback mechanisms, and continuous support to ensure a smooth and successful integration.

Duration: 6 months – 12 months

Succession Preparedness C-Suite Coaching

AG Bold 180 C-Suite Succession Preparedness Coaching is a specialized program designed to prepare existing C-suite executives and high-potential VPs for seamless transitions into the pinnacle leadership roles of CEO, President, or Chairperson.

As organizations plan for their future, ensuring a well-groomed succession pipeline for the top positions becomes critical.

Through this coaching program, our world-class executive coaches work one-on-one with participants, imparting invaluable wisdom and insights to elevate their leadership acumen to the highest echelons. The coaching focuses on developing a transformational leadership mindset, mastering enterprise-level strategy, board governance, investor relations, and external stakeholder management.

The program equips sitting C-suite members with the skills to assume the role of chief executive, fostering visionary thinking, uncompromising ethics, and the ability to steer organizational reinvention. VPs and president-track leaders gain an in-depth understanding of what it takes to run an organization at the apex, preparing them for the rigors of the role.

Participants emerge with heightened executive presence, political savviness, and the resilience to navigate high-stakes decision-making. They become adept at setting an inspirational tone from the top while relentlessly driving performance excellence.

Target Audience:

  • C-Suite Executives (CEO, CFO, CTO, etc.)
  • Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents

Duration: 12 months and 18 months

Pinnacle(HER) Academy

Pinnacle(HER) is an immersive program that elevates women leaders on track for a higher executive-level position. With an intersectional approach, it addresses the unique challenges women face in senior roles. Through authentic and conscious leadership approaches, Pinnacle builds the mindset, presence, and power skills to enact transformative change and drive business impact confidently. Graduates become influential catalysts aligning leadership vision with organizational strategy.

Target Audience:

  • Entry level Executive Women


Duration: 6 months + 4 months post-program support.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are certified by ICF, BCC, and other internationally recognized organizations. Many have advanced degrees such as master’s, doctorates, and post-doctoral training. They have undergone rigorous education and possess relevant executive experience, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet clients’ needs and prepare them for the future of work.



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